Gravedigger (feat. Matt Savage of Kennedy)


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Bloody knuckles and dirty fingernails.
Broken shovels lay the ground.
I'm feeling faint, they say its fate.
But, its not over yet!
I'll dig her quick right to the roots!

Gravedigger! Gravedigger!
Where are you now?
I've got a spot for you to come sit right down!

Keep digging! Dig myself out!
Repeat cycles, hope for change.
Build an alter for our failure,
build and alter of open graves!

Gravedigger! Gravedigger!
I'm calling you out!
You're not the only one!
I see right through that wicked crown!

Find a balance, find a purpose,
to who I am and who I was!
Trying to remember losing my soul
to a place I used to call home.

No! It can't be true!
Is it even real?
Or is it just these thoughts...

Slipping through my fingers,
climbing up my spine,
dancing on the window sill
feeling so sublime?

This burden bag I carry
dragging down my feet.
I'm cutting my chord to heaven!

I can see the wasteland
just beyond the hill!
Pockets full of cheap lies.
Coming for the kill!

Some say its a metaphor.
Just a slight of hand...
But, this hole in my gut...

I'm scared but I know that,
I've got a better home.
You said "I know that!
But, I'll just bring you down again!"

I'm coming back now!
I'm coming back!
I'll be digging you two graves this time!
You can count on that!

I've dug down six feet into the ground,
bandaged broken wounds and bleeding out the proud.
Damned if I'll be here till it all amounts!
Culminating in blood spilled...
resounding in your death!

I'll put you six feet under the ground!

We're born with a curse.
We live in disease.
We cast out our nets,
and we reap what we sow!

I'll put you six feet under the ground! (We reap what we sow!)

I'll put you six feet under the ground! (I'll bury you six feet in the ground!)


from ROADKILL KING, released September 10, 2015



all rights reserved


LIAM DAGGER Kitchener, Ontario

We are not Liam Dagger. You are Liam Dagger.

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