Family Men


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This world is overrun, with cowards that avoid their sons. They don't want to face what they've made. You see, I was one myself. Displacing blame, not facing the truth. Instead we chase "the dream" leaving the family on the shelf.

We all like to think that we aren't on the brink of destroying something that counts! We place blame on everything that we think is...
We place the blame on everything we think is our own.

I hope when he grows up he'll be a better man then you were.

You're hopelessly blind! With distorted vision of a simpler time. Passing judgment and cursing the women who abide. Who lead you to believe you could just run and hide?

You've made us bastard sons, You fathers who won't own up. You've made us bastard sons, You fathers who won't grow up. Reap what you sow.

Where did man go wrong? We took a bad turn with the lessons we've been taught. This ain't manhood. This ain't manhood at all. This ain't manhood.

I'm all for making our own choices. But this world is full of polluted voices. So full of polluted voices! They tell us that it's okay to quit and leave behind pieces of shattered homes and weaker species. I bet you're glad no one ran out on you. But yet you choose to be free.

You claim to be a man!

How do you deny your sons a father, to be lead by only a mother.
You say, "let's just say it's the perfectly plotted plans of our predecessors. Leaving behind shattered homes and tattered sheets." I mean, we've all played the blame game and carved our own path. But I'm just so sick of this world full of everyman for him... Everyman for himself!


released January 18, 2014
Written and performed by Liam Dagger. Mixed and Mastered by Patrick Shay.



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LIAM DAGGER Kitchener, Ontario

We are not Liam Dagger. You are Liam Dagger.

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