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released February 21, 2013



all rights reserved


LIAM DAGGER Kitchener, Ontario

We are not Liam Dagger. You are Liam Dagger.

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Track Name: Recessed
Recessed lovers
Are a product of plunder
The abortion of fear
Heralds great posture
How the do prophets
Profit from your pockets?

I cant look away
I cant find away
I cant see away

There's got to be a reason for this
But I'm asleep and will i ever wake?
Take time to figure it out
I got to take time to figure it out
This pain wont last I have to bury the past
just move along to the next scene
Move along

I believe this vision was given to me
So I can see the fallen trilogy
Broken lovers standing tall
While the others beg and crawl

I see their pockets just fill up and pour out
They see a man who can fill them from the inside out
All it takes is just another cheque wrote out
Cash is fine, if not they'll blow all your brains out
You say you don't fear death?
Well then boy, lets get out those pliers
And see what your really made of!
How can a husband just beat on his loved one while she holds his hand?

And as I turn to start and run
My body naked
They raise their guns
Of guilt and shame
They know my name
You are the one
You've come undone
They steady their fingers
With me in sight.
The sun disappears
There's no more light
A staircase ahead of me
I take the flight
It seems never ending
There's something not right
The people approaching
As the call my name
You Outcast, You Straggler,
You Filthy, Wretched and Lame
Just pay our prophet
He will give you a name
One that is powerful
And free from shame
You'll always fit in
And you will never be shunned.
A life full of happiness, a life full of fun.
But i kept running and pressing ahead.
Stair by stair, I've got nothing left
No strength in my body
My feet start to fail
My enemies closing
Gnashing teeth as they wail
But in this moment
I began to cry out
To my Saviour
In whom I'm found
Suddenly the staircase
It came to an end
And there lie before me
A solution to mend
My back to the water
My enemies in sight
No longer a coward
I turn and fight
Speaking of love and forgiveness
And of the Father of Light
They vanished completely
Right out of my sight
The mist hit my face
At this point I knew
Leaning over the edge
I fell into You

Let this sea take me away from here
To a place of everlasting peace
You're the one I live for
You're the one
Track Name: Danger

Hey, I'm talking to you
The elephant in the room
The lights the sounds
The magic show, yeah we all know
Bring weapons of faith
And armour of light
Its not with the flesh
But with darkness we fight
So battle your demons and cut out your sin
Clean out your houses and let love begin
Cull out your witches
Witch doctors and idols
Bring them to the light
Don't let darkness hide them
Join us now brothers and sisters unite
Sing with us now in the name of Christ

Hey devil, be gone

I've been wrestling with my demons
I've been wrestling the thoughts
That scrape the back of my mind
And threaten to give birth to sin
That will become a stone around my neck
Water filling my lungs and dragging me down into my grave
To my grave

Are we too far gone?


Are we alone?
You are not alone
Track Name: Safety
All this time I though I had it all together
I though my life was going on track
But now I see I was heading nowhere
Nowhere but misery and death
Falling short of who I'm meant to be

Then it all changed
I breathed Your breath of life
That change swept over me
And now I am not the same

I was born into this world, with my eyes sewn shut
A curse I held so that I could not see my Saviour
Tear the stitches from my eyes
Tear the stitches from my eyes

My life, your life, was a curse word
Track Name: The Wolf
Fight for it
Fight for it

You don't even know what you're fighting for
Rotten, ripped dry straight to the core
You know you got it coming
Straight to the grave, so keep running

We got it cocked
We got it loaded
It's time to kill a Wolf Den
I claim your life tonight

No you don't, don't you dare
Lift your hands to the sky
We all know who you really are
We all know who you claim to be

You're a fake
You're a false
You're a Prophet of the Dark

False Prophet: we cast you out
I cast you out of this place
You got no guts
You got no Faith
I rip you out of my life
Open the door and take your Ten Steps

Let Him in!
Oh God: let Him in
Just close your eyes
And let Him in
Oh God: just let Him in

I pray each and every one of you would hear the knock of Salvation

And as the Church Doors open
And as they close your eyes
I'll let you down to the grave
We'll put dirt and sand and rocks
And bury you over time
It's not right
What you're saying
We're all equals in this life

Jesus Christ
Stripped it from us
You know nothing
You're all about lies

Hear us Prophets
Hear us


There's a Wolf
Look! There's a Wolf
Out in the field!
Beware of his tail
It's a Devouring Flame

Take this Sword and stab it in his
Hardened Heart